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don_king_lip_froth 213 days ago

This douche was on the box of reese's puffs for a while not too long ago.

don_king_lip_froth 220 days ago

She's a good egg

don_king_lip_froth 220 days ago

Im going to get wrecked after work.

don_king_lip_froth 222 days ago

I liked that throwin shapes song off that album. I checked out after that.

don_king_lip_froth 223 days ago


don_king_lip_froth 224 days ago

Hot 97 seems like a reliable source. I mean who would know better, really.

don_king_lip_froth 224 days ago

virus_dot_exe 9/8/2020 5:41:44 PM
nobody on this planet wants to hear your opinion on hockey

don_king_lip_froth 232 days ago

Campfire headcase rules.

don_king_lip_froth 237 days ago

I find him funny. Extras was awesome.

don_king_lip_froth 240 days ago


don_king_lip_froth 244 days ago

Song rules

don_king_lip_froth 255 days ago

Is your father-in-law Gary Busey?

don_king_lip_froth 265 days ago

Holy shit how have i not seen that video before. This hits home now.

Rest in power. Rest in pizza.

don_king_lip_froth 268 days ago

He was never the best comedian on the planet.

don_king_lip_froth 292 days ago

deadwithfear 7/2/2020 6:21:30 PM
I don't even know what you're talking about

don_king_lip_froth 292 days ago

Further proof you're a piece of garbage

don_king_lip_froth 294 days ago

Starting 5:


don_king_lip_froth 313 days ago

If care do something about it

don_king_lip_froth 317 days ago

I got my haircut for the first time in 6 months last week. I feel like a champ.

don_king_lip_froth 319 days ago

Oh lol

don_king_lip_froth 319 days ago

She's a f*cking liar. Big girls cry the most. Without question.

don_king_lip_froth 325 days ago

Answer my question

don_king_lip_froth 325 days ago

Is this a joke?

don_king_lip_froth 325 days ago

100% i thought this had to do with arrested development.

don_king_lip_froth 330 days ago

Pepperoni and cheese used to be a go to.

don_king_lip_froth 330 days ago


don_king_lip_froth 332 days ago

I like it but cant listen to it for a long period of time. Stavros's laugh makes me want to hurt things.

don_king_lip_froth 333 days ago

Summer days just sittin around but when the sun goes down i'll be ready to party

- lil rob

don_king_lip_froth 333 days ago

Go hawks.

don_king_lip_froth 333 days ago

Good show

don_king_lip_froth 336 days ago

I thought squash was only yellow

don_king_lip_froth 337 days ago

Show rules hard.

don_king_lip_froth 338 days ago

Ultimate couponing

don_king_lip_froth 339 days ago

Cave in.

don_king_lip_froth 339 days ago

I think you're a weird fat virgin seth.

don_king_lip_froth 339 days ago

I always liked him. He fought for the bohemian rhapsody bit to be in wayne's world.

don_king_lip_froth 339 days ago


don_king_lip_froth 339 days ago

Best shoes for the achilles.

don_king_lip_froth 339 days ago

Achilles tendinitis.

Anything you personally have done or shoe you bought or ANY f*ckING THING you have done to help this. This thread is for you. Serious replies only. *goose steps*

don_king_lip_froth 339 days ago

A windshield wiper fluid dispenser in the steering wheel that goes off in my gay face whenever im driving like a jerk off.

don_king_lip_froth 339 days ago

Dude was a genius. Rip.

don_king_lip_froth 342 days ago

He did a what's in my bag segment for amoeba and got a beach slang album which is pretty cool.

don_king_lip_froth 347 days ago

Is baby ramon still alive?

don_king_lip_froth 349 days ago

Interesting. I'm out of the loop man.

don_king_lip_froth 349 days ago

This must be a Canadian venture?

don_king_lip_froth 352 days ago

fck this show

don_king_lip_froth 359 days ago

I'm about to binge watch the first 4 episodes of the ESPN doc about the chicago bulls' last championship season.

I watched the first season of better call saul in 2 days then stopped.

don_king_lip_froth 4/20/2020 9:39:23 PM

You guys are retards.

don_king_lip_froth 4/20/2020 7:42:51 AM


don_king_lip_froth 4/18/2020 8:55:39 AM

No im confused. The band name wasn't swans apparently. That first song is pretty great though. That second song makes my pssy very dry.

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