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agent_friday 28 days ago

I love Portslob asking why an adult male would ever watch this.

Because there has never been an adult male in his world that has ever given a shit about their toddlers enough to watch a movie with them.

agent_friday 28 days ago

If this doesn't interest you, I threw up a great thread about an episode of The Office.

agent_friday 29 days ago

This is an Office episode, but I'd really like you to consider my take on the film, Frozen.

agent_friday 29 days ago

Everything really sucks and I feel idiotic for trying to enjoy it.

agent_friday 29 days ago

I started dating someone who has a Ph.D and runs a hospice. She gave me a favor today.

agent_friday 29 days ago

I realized this movie is bullshit. So, Elsa ruins her coronation by throwing ice, causing the ruler of Weaselton to consider her a sorceress. This is fine, but after Elsa leaves Erendelle, Princess Anna goes to find her in the afternoon. Keep in mind Christoff is seen in this very same afternoon feeding his reindeer.

Head forward an hour or two, Princess Anna finds Oaken's Trading Post and apparently Christoff is there too, seemingly after spending weeks in the snow at this point? He doesn't seem surprised or worried about the snow in July, just grabs some carrots. He is clearly shown in the previous scene in Erendelle, so he has an entire sled full of ice (in July, remember) that he wants to sell in those last ninety fckuing minutes?

Also, they find Elsa that evening, striking Anna in the heart to freeze it, and the next morning Anna realizes her love for Christoff, but decides to save her sister instead.

Therefore, the whole idea of Erendelle being in an 'endless winter' literally only lasted about a day and a half. And the main concern with Anna marrying Hans (that they barely knew each other), is hardly solved when she falls for Christoff about 12 hours later.

What the goddamn, Pixar? Get your shit together.

My daughter is adorable singing "Do you want to build a snowman?" however. So fck it.

agent_friday 34 days ago

To sum up this article...

"I was doing yoga on the kitchen floor one afternoon in 2015, listening to an interview with Buddhist meditation teacher Lodro Rinzler while my toddler son napped. Rinzler talked about growing up Buddhist — being taught he was fundamentally good — and how rare and refreshing it was to not have to "unlearn" the deep psychological wounds of the doctrine of original sin (as had so many of his Christian friends)."

agent_friday 34 days ago

...open minded. Progressive even. But I'm not a me vs. them type dude. I like a good argument, conversation, etc.

But holy shit what the fck is this left wing wipe my ass and comfort me bullshit.

agent_friday 51 days ago

This took me nearly 20 years. But after agonizing research, I finally found it.

agent_friday 61 days ago

After I saw JP when I was 7 it was definitely velociraptor. They were portrayed as so goddamn cool. I was about 25 or 26 when I was finally informed that they are really covered in feathers and about the size of a large turkey.

I was crushed.

So I suppose I'll go back to my other favorite, triceratops.

agent_friday 66 days ago

Dirk Diggler, slit wiggler.

agent_friday 84 days ago

Best: Slipknot
Worst: Slipknot
Only: Slipknot

agent_friday 87 days ago

"Daddy did it," Espinal says, paraphrasing the boy. "He is terrified of you."

Hill responds, according to the recording: "You need to be terrified of me, too, b----."

Later in the recording, Espinal says, "He kept saying 'Daddy punches me,' which you do when he starts crying. What do you do? You make him open up his arms, and you punch him in the chest. Then if he gets in trouble, you get the belt out.''

agent_friday 89 days ago

Hot Shots Part Deux >

agent_friday 89 days ago

Been into the Blazers since I lived in Eugene. I remember camping with my wife while we listened to Damian beat the Rockets in the first round in 2014. It was awesome. Everyone started screaming and I got laid by the love of my life.

This time I was drinking alone while my ex-wife spent time with my kids in my old house.

agent_friday 89 days ago

webmaster 4/24/2019 9:57:29 PM
great band

agent_friday 95 days ago

I have a hard time standing up to my shit. He's just so strong.

agent_friday 95 days ago

No. I blocked her from every social media outlet and our only communication is about the kids.

Takin' steps, man.

agent_friday 95 days ago

"I'm fcked."

agent_friday 95 days ago

Holy shit. Did he forget how to play the song?

agent_friday 98 days ago

Looks like most of the art was removed for the restoration, and the artifacts are in a different part of the church.

But lol at Trump dumping tons of water on a frail wooden roof.

agent_friday 101 days ago

That's weird. It's getting great reviews.

agent_friday 103 days ago

I did live with it for 9 years though.

agent_friday 103 days ago

I hate cats. It was never my cat.

agent_friday 103 days ago

I'm getting the receipts from a technicality. Her and I have a paypal account together. Mainly for concert tickets and shit.

We haven't separated it. She got Uber with paypal. The receipt was emailed to me.

agent_friday 103 days ago

My doctor put me on sleeping pills to be more specific. She mentioned that they were considered "anti-psychotic" and prefaced that with "Hey, don't want to scare you, but..."

They asked me if I was suicidal and I said I didn't know.

And yes. She was outside. It was a beautiful day out and she loves to fck around with the yard. She was crying because her 21 year old cat had to be put down.

I saw my wife crying, and I stopped to hug her.

agent_friday 103 days ago

Went to a doctor yesterday. She put me on a heap of antipsychotics and sleeping pills. All of which go very badly with alcohol. So potentially, I'm kind of scared about this.

I drove by my old (now just my wife and children's) house. She was outside and waved me down. She was crying. Had to put her cat down. I hugged her and told her I loved her.

This morning I got another receipt of her using Uber to go to the same dude's house.

I told her about the antipsychotics. She's a social worker, so she immediately tried to fix me.

I told her this was like a virus telling me what vaccine to use. She's with another man. Accepting help from her is pouring salt in a gaping wound. As an English teacher, I thought this was a pretty decent metaphor.

She told me she had to meet with a 'friend.' I told her she looked beautiful. And I left.

agent_friday 104 days ago

Well. Honestly. I kind of want drugs. I probably shouldn't. But.

agent_friday 104 days ago

Also. I drove home from play practice tonight with the local rock station on.

This fcking song came on.

It's the first time I've laughed in a long time.

agent_friday 104 days ago

So would my better bet be a psychiatrist?

agent_friday 104 days ago

And I'm not quite sure I'm able to drink moderately. Mix that with being unable to eat, it's a dangerous mix that needs help.

I think the issue is also that she was, literally, the person I went to for help/advice for everything. So I went to her again to get help for this feeling and that magnified everything 10 fold because she's not willing to be that person anymore. She's fcking other dudes.

agent_friday 104 days ago

Legit question, what is the difference between a therapist and a psychiatrist?

agent_friday 104 days ago

On one hand, I logically see that value in what she is doing. She is much stronger and smarter than me in regards to self-help, and I usually just hit the bottle. She is simply moving on and trying to be healthy.

But the thought of her with someone else utterly destroys me. I did feel we would have been together forever. Soul mate. All that. I knew I was going to marry her within minutes. It was bizarre, actually, how much I cared for her so quickly. And that was 10 years ago, and that feeling has only amplified with time.

So you mix that with seeing her almost effortlessly see other men, when at the same time I can't even stomach the thought of being with another woman, is incredibly jarring. I didn't know there was a feeling like I was capable of feeling.

Probably need a psychiatrist.

agent_friday 104 days ago

If it's a feasible option, why not try therapy? I have been talking with friends, but they are going to just try to make me feel better, then tell me the shit they had to go through.

I need legit help, not just someone to vent to.

agent_friday 104 days ago

I think my insurance will cover a few sessions. It can't hurt.

I haven't really eaten in 3-4 days, and I keep puking bile. Something needs to happen.

agent_friday 104 days ago

I'm actually looking into therapy. Seeing if my health insurance will cover it.

agent_friday 104 days ago

This is actually helpful. God bless lambgoat.

I do think I need a therapist. This shit is ugly. I just puke bile all the time.

agent_friday 105 days ago

So. I went over to pick up my kids, and a lot of things happened.

My ex-wife very quickly broke off our phone plan. This was the first thing she did. She explained it by she needed a new phone.

I went to our house to drop off the kids, and she wasn't there, taking the dog for a walk. I picked up the phone, and there was four (4) tinder messages from four (4) different people.

When she got back, she told me she couldn't take the kids that night, and she started putting on make-up. She asked if I could watch them for a half hour until she was done.

When she was done, I saw the love of my life look so incredibly gorgeous, sexy, beautiful, whatever... then I've ever seen her. And then she said she needed to meet with friends.

Fcuk this. Fcuk everything. I took today as a sick day to slam my head against a wall.

agent_friday 108 days ago

This was actually a very helpful thread until Magdalene was in it.

agent_friday 108 days ago

I think telling her "fck this, I can't deal with your shit anymore, it's awful for the kids, I'm moving out" was pretty assertive. She doesn't want marriage counseling, I suggested it.

agent_friday 108 days ago

I have been changing. Stopped drinking (for a while until I left), but she became this emotional minefield where I was double checking my every move before she would passive-aggressively try to make me feel fcking awful all the time. It's tough living with someone who is actively pushing you down and hating you, and there was no way I could see to claw out of that which didn't involve leaving.

agent_friday 108 days ago

Oh I love the living shit out of her. I still believe she's the love of my life.

But it just got to a point where we couldn't stay together. It doesn't change the fact that I love her, that will probably stay forever regardless.

agent_friday 108 days ago

True story. Never was a cuck. But I will absolutely lose my shit if she introduces some fcking dude to my kids before I give that my ok. And that won't be for years.

agent_friday 108 days ago

Well this has been snowballing for years. For the last three or so years I have been staying there "for the kids." It just got fcking worse. And yeah, I'm turning into an alcoholic shell of myself and on her facebook she is going to all these events and shit.

agent_friday 108 days ago

I'm a bit of a drinker. And I went to a bar, came home, and lied about it. We've never cheated on each other or anything.

She is severely emotional, and over the years I've learned how to navigate that minefield, but since the lying episode, it has snowballed into this intense resentment she has for me. Just fights all the time. Eventually, it got to the point where she would just tell me how much she fcking resented me. I explained that this was shitty for our kids to watch, and I moved out.

agent_friday 108 days ago

It's weird, rationally I should have no objections to this. If I take a step back I realize this is perfectly normal and acceptable.

But holy shit I didn't expect this fcking nauseous gut punch of depression. Fuuuuuck.

agent_friday 108 days ago


agent_friday 108 days ago

I moved out about 2 months ago. We are in constant contact because of our kids, but she made sure I had the kids tonight because she made plans. I figure I should be OK with this, I mean, I moved out and we are basically done. But holy shit, I'm finding it difficult to breathe. We were together 10 years. Married for 7.

Whatever. But godf*k man. This shit is brutal. Never have felt really depressed in my life, sad, sure, but I feel like if this isn't it, then I can't imagine what depression would be like.

The fcked up thing is that this should be fine, this is what people do. They move on. I'm not unique, this is common, there are a million single parents out there. I think I probably need some help.

agent_friday 109 days ago

Tom Hardy won a modeling competition at 21, then got a role in Band of Brothers at 24, where he was also in a Ridley Scott movie. This was before he checked himself into rehab, which didn't impact all the roles he was offered.

Aren't you like, 38?

agent_friday 109 days ago

I never understood the hate for this movie. It's amazing.

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