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steelpanda 4 days ago

Saw them live in a tiny bar in St.Pete Florida, it was absolutely nuts.

steelpanda 4 days ago

Lol reverse microwave, that movie was hilarious

steelpanda 11 days ago

Front row railing at Slayer in 99

steelpanda 11 days ago

Only toilet paper we could find at height of pandemic storm ,was toilet paper made specifically for RV camper toilets, I didn't know that existed, it was 16 bucks for four rolls, no thanks, dagger city for that price.

steelpanda 11 days ago

Great album, was supposed to see this tour, but my tour date was canceled because Phil fell of a ladder? or something along those lines.

steelpanda 13 days ago

What's the one where the guy is chopping wood and dude offers him some candy and wood chopper guy goes crazy?

steelpanda 33 days ago

Yeah but that's what makes all 3 of those bands so good, that was like the last good era for metalcore in general.

steelpanda 33 days ago

* Falchenback

steelpanda 33 days ago

Falchonbach is awesome

steelpanda 35 days ago

Y'all should check out the band The Firstborn, Buddhist themes throughout, front cover is a lotus flower.

steelpanda 36 days ago

I like that Safe Home song, the one that had Keanu Reeves in the video.

steelpanda 37 days ago

Berlin - Meteo
Anything by Echo and the Bunnymen

steelpanda 38 days ago

Lol yeah, honestly it it didn't have the sticker on the cd saying former lead singer of zao I wouldn't have thought it was him. Their first cd was decent, nothing groundbreaking by any means.

steelpanda 38 days ago

I've liked everything Zao has put out, y'all ever watch their 4 hour dvd, lesser lights of heaven? It explains everything in super detail lol. What did you think of Symphony in Pearl, Simon?

steelpanda 39 days ago

Lol yeah I've had a few before I got sober.

steelpanda 39 days ago

A good book about dime/pantera is called Black Tooth Grin, it's more of Dimes life story and interviews from friends and bands, less drama.

steelpanda 39 days ago

Rex's book is good, he thinks a lot of himself, looks like he had some weird issue with Vinnie for whatever reason, calls Phil out on all his drug stuff while also admitting going to rehab himself, it's definitely a different side of the pantera camp I wasn't expecting, a lot of drama apparently, but it's Rex's side so who knows.

steelpanda 40 days ago

I've never heard or met anyone who has ever said or referenced Kajiu Big Battle. Amazing

steelpanda 42 days ago

Castles made of sand.

steelpanda 42 days ago

Walmart is having it across 3 weekends to prevent mass gatherings inside of their stores.

steelpanda 44 days ago

Their guitar player is good, I like his chord progressions

steelpanda 45 days ago


steelpanda 50 days ago

Dick Tracy

steelpanda 53 days ago

In my old apartment I had a Bon Jovi poster from young guns 2 and a cypress hill poster next to it. In this house I have like a 5 foot tall painting of a Tabasco bottle and a portrait of Alex from A Clockwork Orange, but as a panda.

steelpanda 54 days ago

Row tide

steelpanda 64 days ago

I bought in the eyes of god and cephalic carnage's Exploiting Dysfunction on the same day back in 2000, haven't really topped a new music day like that since.

steelpanda 71 days ago

Bought Mc Hammer, Vanilla Ice and Collective Soul in long boxes, possibly Wilson Phillips too.

steelpanda 79 days ago

Old boy
Ichhi the killer
Cannibal Ferox
Street Trash
All on shudder

steelpanda 84 days ago

IDM - Telefon Tel Aviv ~ Fahrenheit Fair Enough

Jazz - Kurt Rosenwinkle ~ the next step

Classical - Sergi Rachmaninov ~ Rachmaninov play's Rachmaninov

Black Metal - Emperor ~ IX Equilibrium

Alternative - Eagulls ~ Eagulls

steelpanda 85 days ago

Saw Bayside and Alkaline Trio at this small venue in Nashville a few years back, went to the bathroom and they had bathroom attendants working, it was very nice, but it was so out of place And random.

steelpanda 91 days ago

Local band in my area played that song over and over for the whole set, it was funny then it got annoying, then it got funny again.

steelpanda 91 days ago

Avenged Sevenfold- sounding the 7th trumpet era, they were the opener
Rise against
Shai Hulud
All the same show
Bunch of local bands before that.

steelpanda 92 days ago

Bullethead and Simon, have y'all listened to Kurt Roaenwinkle? Great guitar player and his backing band are usually great, his first couple albums were hard bop, then he transitioned to slower mid tempo stuff once he got his name out.

steelpanda 93 days ago

Whoever can get the 2 In Pieces albums on iTunes or Spotify.

steelpanda 103 days ago

I saw C7 in Birmingham Alabama, never had heard of them before, lead singer took out his cellphone and held it up to the microphone and played some message about being abducted by aliens and then they played their first song. They were the only band I remember that night, and some kid wearing a Jason mask in the pit. Bought their cd that night too.

steelpanda 109 days ago

Augury is amazing.

steelpanda 244 days ago


steelpanda 256 days ago

Needed more greasers and socs in it.

steelpanda 265 days ago

Lurk I knew someone like you in my hometown
He was a "show promoter" always acted like he had "inside"' info etc,
What I always noticed about him was I never saw him hanging out with anyone
He would talk to the bands he brought and maybe venue manager,
But I never saw anyone personally talking to him
Never heard of him hanging out with anyone
But would refer to bands he knew through work as his "boys" etc etc
Anyways just an observation

steelpanda 265 days ago

two_dick_rick 3/6/2020 12:19:03 PM
Fat shit idiot


steelpanda 293 days ago

Greatfull Dead Birmingham Al, 1995

steelpanda 302 days ago

Solid list.

steelpanda 10/17/2019 12:03:08 PM

Where does posting layered comedy comments fit into your weight loss and sobriety journey?

steelpanda 9/1/2019 4:53:35 PM

Bought it because I read a top 10 most "disgusting, disturbing" movie list, it was the least "disgusting, disturbing" movie on there.

steelpanda 8/29/2019 5:15:23 PM


steelpanda 8/23/2019 10:07:23 AM

AnalButt 8/23/2019 12:18:03 PM
The whole show will be terrible

Dirtysouth 8/23/2019 12:25:22 PM
What do you play in the opening band? I'll guess drums.

barbara 8/23/2019 12:44:11 PM
merch guy/cum dumpster


steelpanda 8/19/2019 5:54:13 PM

I always thought the band Forced Entry didn't get enough credit in that genre.

steelpanda 8/19/2019 5:52:50 PM

Series 1-6 complete marvel trading cards with all the hologram cards.

steelpanda 8/9/2019 9:04:51 AM

Tell that one guy to go back to evergreen terrace because that band is wayyyy better.

steelpanda 8/3/2019 9:44:36 AM

It's my favorite genre.

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