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meatyd 194 days ago

Beavis and Butthead truly introduced me to metal. Also, still funny

meatyd 201 days ago

I haven't been on /mb in a while. Plz send links of threads you found funny as fck for my amusement. Also seeking Belmont's Eli thread if there is one

meatyd 201 days ago

Now that's what I call corpse paint vol 12

meatyd 240 days ago

Fragment is from the set list I fought for. Them they gave me the fancy one for my shirtless valor

meatyd 240 days ago

*dope. Hands are too cold for typing. Might die in queens

meatyd 240 days ago

Shit was dip. Fought someone for a fragment of their set list. Got it autographed and they gave me 1 of their drink tickets for my effort

meatyd 240 days ago

Shadow Snakes was tight. Engineer vibes for those old fcked that remember

meatyd 241 days ago

I'll buy you a drink for all the laughs you've given me wanker. Tan jacket with a rangers hoodie poking out. Warning, I'm still a sarcastic fckface in person

meatyd 241 days ago

The fact that you didn't have a gun but your son could play mortal kombat at at 12th grade level

meatyd 241 days ago

Will be drunk and possibly fight santacon people after the show

meatyd 241 days ago

I've waited a great many years to see them again

meatyd 264 days ago

Devourment went harder than all

meatyd 300 days ago

Happy belated birthday Will

meatyd 355 days ago

If the rooms don't have access to an Airplane! DVD, I'm not interested.

meatyd 355 days ago

He's 10/10. Would eat food he made again.

meatyd 359 days ago

This shit is the most popular thing in the booze industry and it's more disgusting than IPA's. Once people learn to smell it on your breath, it's over

meatyd 8/11/2019 3:58:31 PM

I don't trust him because he played Protoss in StarCraft

meatyd 5/24/2019 6:38:21 AM

Beer in a can. It's usually on sale.

meatyd 5/13/2019 8:11:56 PM

Me too

meatyd 5/13/2019 8:07:13 PM

It's just ambalamps or someone boring like that

meatyd 11/18/2018 4:45:11 PM

Indonesia is killing it with the wiggerslam right now

meatyd 10/22/2018 9:04:27 AM

I must choose between Pyrexia & Internal Bleeding or Dying Fetus on Wednesday

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