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Jemenez_Cricket 18 hours ago

Yeah so good

Jemenez_Cricket 12 days ago

Heyyy, A Math Award!!!!

Jemenez_Cricket 15 days ago

Burnt By The Sun - Soundtrack to the Personal Revolution
µ-Ziq - Scurlage
Unsane - Wreck
SALEM - Fires In Heaven

Jemenez_Cricket 16 days ago

f*ck this lame ass motorhead revival shit. The worst ever.

Jemenez_Cricket 18 days ago

Shutup u fukkn bitch

Jemenez_Cricket 25 days ago

Yeah its really dope, I had figured a buncha those were gonna be forgotten completely. Also turning onto me some shit I missed back then. This stuff is so great

Jemenez_Cricket 25 days ago

Lightning Bolt was cool for a cpl years now I am totally over them.

Jemenez_Cricket 26 days ago

Wax vessel keeping all this shit preserved well it seems.

Jemenez_Cricket 29 days ago


Jemenez_Cricket 31 days ago

Yeah everyone I talk to seems to agree its You Fail Me. It is.

Jemenez_Cricket 32 days ago

The way this bands career played out ruined this album or anything I enjoyed about it. Weezer sucks so bad

Jemenez_Cricket 32 days ago

Marching Band Rules

Jemenez_Cricket 33 days ago

I decided that Wes Eisold guy annoys me.

Jemenez_Cricket 33 days ago

Will never listen to any of those

Jemenez_Cricket 33 days ago

Just shutup my dude

Jemenez_Cricket 33 days ago




Jemenez_Cricket 33 days ago

Need to shut that stupid ass mouth

Jemenez_Cricket 36 days ago

Still love this shit

Jemenez_Cricket 36 days ago

Lineup is insane

Jemenez_Cricket 36 days ago

I wanna be one

Jemenez_Cricket 36 days ago

Lemon lime

Jemenez_Cricket 37 days ago

Lol i know Bull, you have always spoke against him from my recollection

Jemenez_Cricket 37 days ago

This whole engagement thing is a major farce IMO, hes been some smoke and mirror creepy shit all year so far

Jemenez_Cricket 37 days ago

I know Zordy has been following this shit

Jemenez_Cricket 37 days ago

Ah shit

Jemenez_Cricket 37 days ago

Pretty awesome, not sure what its leading upto but this is entertaining. New song is heavy as fuck too. Album will rule

Jemenez_Cricket 41 days ago

Enjoyed that new live album

Jemenez_Cricket 43 days ago

Bruh weak, where are the fukkin breakdowns??

Jemenez_Cricket 51 days ago

My wee wee is small

Jemenez_Cricket 53 days ago

Cocaine Krueger

Jemenez_Cricket 55 days ago

Needed more babalities

Jemenez_Cricket 59 days ago

Listening now, Buzz is the man.

Jemenez_Cricket 80 days ago

This album has aged very well.

Jemenez_Cricket 93 days ago

The Melvins - The Maggot
Crowbar - Sonic Excess
Graf Orlock - Destination Time Tomorrow
ISIS - Mosquito Control

Jemenez_Cricket 95 days ago

Turned this off after 30 seconds, wtf this sucks.

Jemenez_Cricket 96 days ago

Great review Simon

Jemenez_Cricket 99 days ago

And yeah they need a 2nd guitar again. Thats whats missing overall

Jemenez_Cricket 99 days ago

I really like the last song. Few in the middle there too. Itll prob grow on me.

Jemenez_Cricket 99 days ago

Dig it by default since its them, but yeah agree w you Simon. Still solid though. Self titled was way better.

Jemenez_Cricket 100 days ago

Yes you can

Jemenez_Cricket 100 days ago

Almost time.

Jemenez_Cricket 102 days ago

This improvised live bit as retaliation to shitty crowd is the funniest shit ive ever heard.

Jemenez_Cricket 102 days ago

Zero nowhere

Jemenez_Cricket 103 days ago

Van Damsel was def a leftover Calculating Infinity demo, and thats why its my favorite. Love the whole album though.

Jemenez_Cricket 104 days ago

Would slit ur throat in a toilet

Jemenez_Cricket 104 days ago

Nice, ill watch this one.

Jemenez_Cricket 106 days ago

One of their top 5

Jemenez_Cricket 106 days ago


Jemenez_Cricket 109 days ago

Beat ur bitch ass face in

Jemenez_Cricket 113 days ago

Just listened to In The Name last night

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