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Chi_Stake 65 days ago

It was just a bleedy crease joke mate.

Chi_Stake 65 days ago

If they didn't write all that fast, same song format and built the whole AFI-cult theme you wouldn't have had an album as eclectic-and-good. "Through Our Bleeding Our Period Has Won" as it were.

Chi_Stake 132 days ago

Consistently prolapsed butthole AND Chrone's Disease. It's like a fire hydrant capped open for children cooling off in the city streets in the summer, in blood down there.

Chi_Stake 157 days ago

Jimmy's Chicken Shack. Nailed it.

Chi_Stake 171 days ago

We hope you eat Chorizo in hell.

Chi_Stake 179 days ago

it definitely has a nice shit to wetness ration then.

Chi_Stake 180 days ago


was my immediate reaction.

Chi_Stake 182 days ago

Dude, I heard about this "flat-earth"and whatnot and I'm all.. I'm in, Bruh.

Chi_Stake 182 days ago

watching Santa Tracker to make sure that capitalist son-of-a-bitch doesn't take any off the top or commit any crimes against humanity.

Chi_Stake 184 days ago

Samuel Adams We c-m In Your Ass Ale<

Chi_Stake 184 days ago

As long as you're not one of those people that when a bartender asks you what you like to drink, you say "I like ales".

Chi_Stake 186 days ago

the pending scientific survey that proves all flat-earthers are undiagnosed schizophrenics.

Chi_Stake 289 days ago

Holy fck someone mentioned it. This show rips. Slow burn.

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