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brad_marchand 150 days ago

7 minute song by screamo band

What was the name of the band?/album?

brad_marchand 347 days ago

whos the lucky guy? congratulations on getting your work laptop set up

brad_marchand 6/21/2018 1:29:35 PM


brad_marchand 6/15/2018 4:23:43 PM

tom leykis is a bloviating dildo. only halfwitted shitbags think he's cool. he's like jim rome

brad_marchand 4/30/2018 5:18:05 PM

had one on thursday

brad_marchand 6/2/2016 9:15:58 PM

clint eastwood can kiss my jerk. i like ketchup on my hot dogs

brad_marchand 6/2/2016 6:24:53 PM

+2 ketchup and mustard

brad_marchand 5/29/2016 12:39:20 PM

+2 yesterday

brad_marchand 5/22/2016 5:44:46 PM

i had 3 yesterday. one was a chili cheese dog

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