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7 Heavy Bands to Keep an Eye On in March 2024

Pull up a chair. This is Uncut brought to you by Lawnchair Youth.

LCY Uncut

By Lawnchair Youth

If you're noticing a trend of black-and-white music videos lately, chances are you're witnessing LCY Uncut. Each week, the Lawnchair Youth studios opens its doors in Birmingham, Alabama, allowing bands to perform an uncut video of one of their tracks showcased on LCY's YouTube channel. Their platform has become a hub for discovering new music, and so we've dedicated a space for the LCY crew to share the bands they discover on Lambgoat.

Here are seven bands you should keep an eye on this month.

The Tarnished - “Vultures”

Atlanta, GA melodic hardcore - The Tarnished release their LCY Uncut for their latest single "Vultures." Like fast, chuggy, and groovy riffs? Well, this is the band to hear!

With Blood Comes Cleansing - “Euangelion”

Georgia Christian Deathcore - With Blood Comes Cleansing has returned to the scene after a decade with a lot of big news! First off, they came to LCY Uncut of course to premiere their first new single "Euangelion" with their brand new frontman Robert Manzone, and re-released some OG songs with him as the newest vocalist.

Aversive Control - “God Complex”

Memphis, TN Hardcore - Aversive Control is what you want from a hardcore band: punchy riffs, a semi-threatening looking frontman, and songs so short you put them on repeat! The 8th track of their first album "Th!s is Okay?" is lucky enough to get the LCY Uncut treatment for your enjoyment!

Second Impact - "Hedonist"

Jacksonville, FL Freak Rock Hardcore - Second Impact seems to have landed and slowly made a name for themselves in the south for their edgy looks, chaotic live sets, and freak rock music! The Floridians recently came off their first tour and was cool enough to lock in at LCY and get an Uncut visual off their new EP "Effigy."

Meadows - "Barabbas (Silence of Innocence)"

Birmingham, AL Hardcore - Meadows makes their return to LCY Uncut in preparation for their new album through Facedown Records "Familiar With Pain." Unlike the majority of their songs, they stripped back the melodic elements on Barabbas and hit you with their most straightforward and mosh-worthy riffs yet!

The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir - “Brightly Lit For Bad Decisions”

Savannah, Georgia Noisecore - The Choir makes their debut on LCY Uncut with their single "Brightly Lit For Bad Decisions" off their brand new split with Rotting In Dirt. In typical Holy Ghost fashion, the song has a lot to unpack in its message, so don't let me tell you, go listen for yourself!

Stay Lost - "Cheap Heat"

Bessemer, AL Hardcore - Stay Lost make their return to LCY Uncut with a whole new bag of tricks! Stepping away from their early sound and transitioning into a mix of nu-metal, metalcore, and hardcore on their latest track "Cheap Heat." Definitely a band to keep an eye on in 2024 with their ever-developing sound.

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anonymous 50 days ago

Love those freaks in Second Impact. They stayed at my house and the drummer did my dishes. What an absolute MANIAC!

anonymous 50 days ago

Cheap Heat is wild. Holy shit.

anonymous 50 days ago

bassist of stay lost has an absolute hammer on him

anonymous 50 days ago

Alabama has the biggest weiners in hardcore

anonymous 50 days ago

love seeing holy ghost and second impact on the up and up

anonymous 50 days ago

Stay lost is awesome f*ckin diggin it.

anonymous 50 days ago

Can confirm, Huge Weiners.

anonymous 50 days ago

Second Impact are real ones. Their set riled up the crowd so much that they turned the venue inside-out, then they stayed to help clean up the joint. Absolute insanity and class.

anonymous 50 days ago

Meadows brings it! Intense lyrics. Keep making music!!!

anonymous 50 days ago

Hahah delete all real comments and leave the fake ones….good Christ this place is a shithouse

anonymous 49 days ago

This channel would be kind of cool if bands were actually performing the tracks live, but just having bands lipsync their song in the same boring looking room is pointless

anonymous 46 days ago

Lot of love for Bama

anonymous 46 days ago

All comments above me are band members

anonymous 45 days ago

Cheap GOO

anonymous 34 days ago

Band members are a bunch of try hard wieners with the comments