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8 Heavy Bands to Keep an Eye On in February 2024

Pull up a chair. This is Uncut brought to you by Lawnchair Youth

LCY Uncut

By Lawnchair Youth

If you're noticing a trend of black-and-white music videos lately, chances are you're witnessing LCY Uncut. Each week, the Lawnchair Youth studios opens its doors in Birmingham, Alabama, allowing bands to perform an uncut video of one of their tracks showcased on LCY's YouTube channel. Their platform has become a hub for discovering new music, and so we've dedicated a space for the LCY crew to share the bands they discover on Lambgoat. 

Here are eight bands you should keep an eye on this month.

gimmick. - “Exist or Perish”

Birmingham, AL hardcore outfit gimmick. released their intense, high-energy single "Exist or Perish" on LCY Uncut, the last track from their 2023 EP "To The Dead." It mixes elements of hardcore, metalcore, and nu-metal grooves. 

SINEMA - “Wait and See”

Birmingham, AL heavy rock quartet SINEMA are back with a new LCY Uncut showing their big, punchy production with catchy choruses, pinch squeal verses, and attitude to match.

Omenkiller - “The Disrespect”

Savannah, GA beatdown band Omenkiller released their new single "The Disrespect" which is filled with a mixed bag of melodic grooves, heavy mosh riffs, and deathcore vocals that leave you wanting more.


Decoy - "Personality Program"

Baton Rogue, LA hardcore outfit Decoy gives it tastefully with gritty, tough guy hardcore that anyone with a pulse would eat up in one listen. 

Torcon 11 - “Respect the Polygon”

Birmingham, AL weathercore parody band Torcon 11 released their first single "Respect the Polygon" on LCY Uncut. The 5-piece dresses like Alabama's famous weatherman James Spann. In light of being a parody, they donate all their earning from the band to Spann's fundraiser Alabama Childhood Food. 

Itami - “Sin Eater”

Albuquerque, NM metalcore band Itami released their latest single “Sin Eater." The four-piece with infectious metalcore influences and grimy, rugged vocals from their frontman/bassist. 

Ulamog - “Cursed By The Gods”

Virginia Beach, VA crossover band Ulamog released their first visual for "Cursed by the Gods" on LCY Uncut from their modern thrash, crossover masterpiece "The Hungriest of the Old Ones." If you love Bolt Thrower and Power Trip, this is the band to keep your eye on! 

Avian Theory - False Tongues

Phenix City, AL alt-metal riffers Avian Theory tap into a little of everything with their latest track "False Tongues." You get big choruses with singing, deathcore vocals over prog riffs, and snarling, zombie vocals that hit you out of nowhere.


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anonymous 70 days ago

lol nope

anonymous 70 days ago

Avian Theory is one of the best bands around Alabama! They've been touring with Witch Hunter and Foxbat and their energy is sick!! Check them out for sure and the other bands they've been playing with! Avian Theory, Witch Hunter, and Foxbat are some very talented musicians!!

anonymous 70 days ago

Omenkiller 😈😈😈😈

anonymous 70 days ago

What kind of f*cking dork writes an article like this and lists his own band first? List is dookie from a butt

anonymous 70 days ago

8 bands to avoid like the plague who made this list.

anonymous 70 days ago

how did you manage to not post any of the actually good bands from alabama

anonymous 70 days ago

Bands who are better than your crap hardcore bands. Hate from the sidelines 😂

anonymous 70 days ago

These bands are pretty killer. I've been seeing avian theory pop up outta no where.

anonymous 70 days ago

Birds aren't real and neither is Avian Theory

anonymous 69 days ago

whole channel is posers ripping shit off from a time they werent even alive for.

anonymous 69 days ago

S/O to Gimmick, Omenkiller, Itami and Avian Theory as well as the other bands on this list! Keep up the grind and get acclimated to these bands and their never-ending grind ✊🏿🫡💯

anonymous 69 days ago


anonymous 69 days ago

A lot of talent on this list. Definitely Avian Theory. I've been in the scene a long time, and have been fortunate to be able to see them a handful of times, and they never miss. They're a breath of fresh air, so to speak. Super nice guys, and put on a hell of a show. Definitely keep them on your radar.

anonymous 69 days ago

Take a shot every time you hear a riff challenge and you'll still be completely sober by the time it's over

anonymous 69 days ago

Wait do all these bands have the same exact video aesthetic

anonymous 69 days ago

This shit is so corny. Like imagine writing this article yourself, and putting your own band on the list. LOL

anonymous 56 days ago

f*ck this ad

anonymous 51 days ago

this is some embarrassing shit, makes me sad