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Las Vegas' Heavy Hitters: Top 5 Venues for Metal and Hardcore

Local Las Vegas metalcore band Color In The Dark guides us through the top venues

Las Vegas Top Metal Venues

By Color In The Dark

Las Vegas, a city famed for its casino lights, hides a different kind of entertainment in its shadows - a thriving heavy music scene. In this article, we're diving into the heart of Vegas' metal and hardcore landscape to spotlight the top 5 venues. 

When Color In The Dark isn't playing, you can bet we're in the crowd at one of these venues.

Fremont Country Club: More Than Just a Club

Don't be fooled by the name; it's a heavy music haven. The stage is big, the floor is open, and the vibe is intense. It's a tough place to book, making shows here a big deal. When a band plays here, it's not just another gig - it's a major event.

Backstage Bar & Billiards: The Staple for Heavy Music

A staple for metal in Vegas. Bands get top-notch sound, a chill green room, and hassle-free loading. Parking’s cheap, and Smash magazine often hosts shows here, solidifying its rep as a go-to for heavy music.

After the show, if you're looking for the best pizza joint in Las Vegas (in our opinion), both Fremont and Backstage are on the same block, right across the street from Evel Pie.

The Hard Rock Cafe: The Dream Stage

Infamous for being tough to book for local bands but a dream venue for those who make it. Killer sound, impressive lighting, and an LED wall that can make any set visually stunning. The stage is optimized for clarity, making every note count.

Eagle Aerie Hall: The Gritty Gem 

The epicenter of the local metal scene. If you want the gritty feel of a floor show, this is where it's at. Run by JK Productions, it offers cheap drinks and a decent-sized merch area. Free parking is a bonus.

The Usual Place: Small Space, Big Impact

Small but mighty. The stage might be tight, but it fits a full band and delivers intense shows. The bar and PA are top-notch, and the spacious backstage is a plus. And yes, there’s a secret M&M vending machine in the green room – a nice touch to a hardcore venue.

Vegas is more than just the iconic Strip. It's also home to a growing heavy music scene, with venues like Fremont Country Club and Backstage Bar & Billiards leading the charge, while Eagle Aerie Hall and The Usual Place support the thriving underground. 

These venues are the proving grounds for bands like ours. Check them out in person next time you're in Sin City and find out why the Las Vegas metal and hardcore scene can't be ignored for much longer.

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anonymous 95 days ago


anonymous 95 days ago

So a crappy band paid to make a list of the venues they play? And LOL at the Hard Rock. This is not a serious band.

anonymous 93 days ago

I'm from Las Vegas and been here my whole life. I know everyone and went to high school with everyone at blackpath booking and I have never even heard of this band?and except for the eagle hall none of these venues are catering to the hardcore scene at all

anonymous 89 days ago

Laughably bad list. First off, no one in Vegas has even heard of these dudes. Secondly, the Fremont and BBB are in the same building and are one venue, essentially. The Hard Rock Cafe hasn't been a go-to venue for heavy music in like a decade and is a non-entity at this point. Finally, to not have The Dive Bar on this list, which has many of the best metal and hardcore shows, is absurd.

anonymous 69 days ago

Yeah, leaving off Dive Bar, but including Hard Rock tells me these dudes are like some weird pay to play "heavy" band.

anonymous 61 days ago

You will eat ze bugz and pay to play.