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13 Heavy Bands to Keep an Eye On in Spring 2024

Pull up a chair. This is Uncut brought to you by Lawnchair Youth.

LCY Uncut

By Lawnchair Youth

If you're noticing a trend of black-and-white music videos lately, chances are you're witnessing LCY Uncut. Each week, the Lawnchair Youth studios opens its doors in Birmingham, Alabama, allowing bands to perform an uncut video of one of their tracks showcased on LCY's YouTube channel. Their platform has become a hub for discovering new music, and so we've dedicated a space for the LCY crew to share the bands they discover on Lambgoat.

Here are seven bands you should keep an eye on this month.

Colacon - “Gales of Contempt”

Georgia Grindcore - Colacon deliver gruesome vocals matched with chaotic grind that will have you begging for more! Their first single “Gales of Contempt” is out now on LCY Uncut.

Sequoia Trail - “A Touch of Color” 

Birmingham, AL Prog Rock - Sequoia Trail gives us a fresh feel to LCY Uncut with progressive riffs and sweet melodies. Watch “A Touch of Color”

Head Heist - “Warpath”

Nashville, TN Hardcore - The youth of today have learned from the greats and Head Heist is living proof. “Warpath” will make any hardcore lover think of what got them into the genre.

Eyezin - “Out of Time”

Birmingham, AL Hardcore - Eyezin debuts on the white wall with their fast, edgy style of hardcore and punk in “Out of Time.” Don’t blink or you might miss something! Go watch now!

FAÜLEN - “Guilt Doesn’t Exist Here” 

Birmingham, AL Deathcore - FAÜLEN return to LCY Uncut with exactly what you want: Slamming chugs, screaming leads and doomy vocals off their first single Guilt Doesn’t Exist Here of their latest EP!

SLUGS - “Fear (Redux)”

Bristol, CT Metalcore - SLUGS redux their single “Fear” off their last EP for LCY Uncut. It has a very chilling intro that turns into a beefy breakdown and crowd chant you’d be crazy not to remember!

The Human Fund - “Circa 1994”

New Haven, CT Indie Rock - The Human Fund is a trio of bestfriends who want you to bob your head and feel the music run through you. Watch them rock out in Circa 1994.



Savannah, GA Sludge/Slam - SLINGBLADE has arrived with slamming sludge inspired riffs that would move any room or venue. These guys are ready to put in work and dressed like it too on Goodbye.



Wristmeetrazor - “Synthetic-51n” 

Nowhere, USA Metalcore - Wristmeetrazor suit up and give you exactly what you want: Metalcore with attitude and looks to match! “Synthetic-51n” will satisfy any itch you’ve been craving.

Yosemite in Black - “Cold Shoulder”

Atlanta, Georgia Hippie Hardcore - Yosemite in Black have recently taken over LCY Uncut in the last two weeks with their newest single. Cold Shoulder has chunky riffs, booming breakdowns and smooth bass lines.

Sick Ride - “Tides”

Fayetteville, LA Rock - Sick Ride may be a two-piece, but they rock harder than most bands you see with no guitarist! Check out Tides now.

Vampire Mansion - “Frozen-Eyes”

Birmingham, AL Alt Rock - Vampire Mansion returns with a new sound and the most people ever in an Uncut for Frozen-Eyes.

Soulkeeper - “Holy Design”

Minneapolis, Minnesota Chaotic Metalcore - Soulkeeper brings their high energy and glitchy, chaotic riffs to LCY for a live action version of Holy Design.


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