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7/26/2019 Death Before Dishonor - Unfinished Business
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Releases reviewed by Lambgoat
With Regret
Expire With Regret
Pretty Low
Expire Pretty Low
Lost In Life
Backtrack Lost In Life
Letters Home
Defeater Letters Home
Lock & Key
Cruel Hand Lock & Key
Rohnert Park
Ceremony Rohnert Park
I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone
Crime In Stereo I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone
Hell Is Empty
Ruiner Hell Is Empty
Chasing Hamburg
Polar Bear Club Chasing Hamburg
Defeater Travels
Verse Aggression
Still Nothing Moves You
Ceremony Still Nothing Moves You
Songs To Scream At The Sun
Have Heart Songs To Scream At The Sun
Verse Aggression
Nasty Aggression
Ambitions Stranger
Different Directions
Champion Different Directions
Count Me In
Death Before Dishonor Count Me In
Amongst The Flock
Palehorse Amongst The Flock
The Things We Carry
Have Heart The Things We Carry
Outbreak Failure
Strength In Solitude
Panic Strength In Solitude
Friends Family Forever
Death Before Dishonor Friends Family Forever
Blue Monday Rewritten
You Make Us Sick
Outbreak You Make Us Sick
Promises Kept
Champion Promises Kept
Your Closest Enemies
The Distance Your Closest Enemies
Burning Inside
On The Rise Burning Inside
Stand & Fight
Stand & Fight Stand & Fight
Some Kind Of Hate Undisputed
Lowest Of The Low
Terror Lowest Of The Low
Some Kind Of Hate
Some Kind Of Hate Some Kind Of Hate

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