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looks like most of you

lurkcity 105 days ago
didnt quit and made it through to the other side. enjoy the anon comments.

spacetoast 105 days ago
I still collect cassette tapes

timelordtwo 105 days ago
Lurk why don't you have dn?

xander_crews_horse 105 days ago
🥓👟 🥓👟 🥓👟 🥓👟 🥓👟 🥓👟

lurkcity 105 days ago
xander good job at having almost 40 posts midday. job hunt must be going swell.

easyhateoven 105 days ago
dick move, lurk

xander_crews_horse 105 days ago
lmao this f*cking bitch couldn't do a day of construction work without crying. go practice slav squating and doing it wrong P.S. 🥓👟 🥓👟 🥓👟 🥓👟 🥓👟

xander_crews_horse 105 days ago
im up in the am before your fat f*cking ass lazily rolls outta bed and can multi-task; you bird brain t-rex armed ugly piece of stupid stinky shit. 🥓👟

Spork 105 days ago
Calm down, Xander

Barbara 105 days ago
Oh that will work

carveyournamein 105 days ago
ShaolinLambKiller has the same issue Portslob had.

Barbara 105 days ago

xander_crews_horse 105 days ago
🥓👟 🥩🔫

xander_crews_horse 105 days ago
Lurkcity has ED, SLK is probably having a hard time getting it to reset to his email. Bullethead is probably watchin' water drip down his faucet.

virus_dot_exe 105 days ago
and I'm gay