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All the good bands come from punk

BULLHEAD 117 days ago
That's my new theory. You had to have a teenage punk or hardcore band to not suck. Guns n Roses? Good band. Came from punk, at least Duff did. Dinosaur Jr. Good band. Came from punk. Nickelback? Bad band. Probably never even heard of black flag, I bet

BULLHEAD 117 days ago
Wait foo fighters came from punk and they're not very good. Back to the drawing board. I'll make s new theory

simon_belmont 117 days ago
I don't think King Crimson came from punk, though

Portslob 117 days ago
Define good band

webmaster 117 days ago
The Beatles didn't come from punk. Pink Floyd didn't come from punk. Mahavishnu Orchestra didn't come from punk. Steely Dan didn't come from punk. I could go on and on; your theory blows.

butlerianjihad 117 days ago
Punks' dead You're next

theocean 117 days ago
suicide were before punk and better and actually more punk than all the bands that called themselves punk man

evil_hero 117 days ago
i like that you were trolling the bosstones thread asking for creed songs

BULLHEAD 117 days ago
Obviously bands that pre-date punk are exempt. You guys are dense as f*ck

BULLHEAD 117 days ago
And current bands are exempt. I can't expect an 19 year old today to know everything about the Circle Jerks. That's not fair

BULLHEAD 1 minute ago Obviously bands that pre-date punk are exempt. You guys are dense as f*ck says the guy who argued that Motley Crue was butt rock before butt rock began!!!!

BULLHEAD 117 days ago
Motley crue.....covered the Sex Pistols. Came from punk. Good band

theocean 117 days ago
all the sunset strip bands owe everything to the new york dolls

lake_flaccid 117 days ago
old TSOL is so good

VodkaVeins 117 days ago
Most punk bands are really bad.