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what was happening on the lambgoat messageboard from 2010-2018 lmao

evil_hero 119 days ago
i was posting a lot 2004-2010. the golden age of LG. i remember when i left that only SLK had 100k posts but shatty wasn't far behind. then i started lurking the board again pretty frequently in maybe 2018 and it just seemed dead and i didn't recognize anyone. so wtf was happening all those years when f*cking breskin and xithyl were racking up 100k posts lmao. like wtf did dipswitch talk about for 100k posts

carveyournamein 119 days ago

carveyournamein 119 days ago
I really have no clue and I've only stopped coming here once for maybe six months.

carveyournamein 119 days ago
How does SLK have over 350k posts and he hasn't been here except for like twice a year for the past eight years?

carveyournamein 119 days ago
I was talking to SLK a while back about how no one will ever catch up to him because shat died and SLKs response was "He couldn't even get close"

vagisilcreem 119 days ago
20th "anniversary" in june for me. i hope i die before

carveyournamein 119 days ago
I can't sleep because this shit has me cracking up.

Amber 119 days ago
Half of the board had their brain broken by celine and went into hiding in a Facebook group in catatonic despair and they literally talk about sewing and house renos and how their wives are sexually unsatisfied and how everyone's a Nazi but them, who listen to literal Nazi bands. Then tima got caught trying to secretly oust Jack and was exposed and she left the group she started along with her husband. Basically they're muppets talking about how conservatives are all racist like they weren't going "lol n*ggergay" 6 years ago.

carveyournamein 119 days ago
Oh yeahhhhhhh

tactical_hotdog 118 days ago
Been posting off and on since '04 and I still, for the life of me, cannot fathom how this trind character still made it a point to be most hated after all this time.

nothinlefttogive 118 days ago
Like so many other things, smartphones & social media marked the beginning of the end.

evil_hero 118 days ago
i forgot about the facebook group. but that still doesnt explain how f*cking breskin ended up with 100k. these eras of lambgoat are like the triassic and jurassic extinction events. we can see the outcome but no one knows what tf actually happened all those years

evil_hero 118 days ago
is the lambgoat facebook group still active? that shits so wack. i didnt realize tima started it. so she truly did destroy the board like many goaters prophecized when she first arrived including myself

shitinyourhand 118 days ago

Amber 118 days ago
Technically it was Celine who ruined the board. He turned the landscape into Infinity War