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No hall of fame for curt schilling

Inkongudunk 119 days ago
Dude was legit one of the greats. But turn republican and you're done

skinsuit 119 days ago

Inkongudunk 119 days ago
Lol, everyone hates you bro

Him and Bonds not being in lol.

both of them were hall of fame players also lol that schilling is in the same category for political beliefs as a steroid user and a guy who bet on baseball. i mean the other two have gripes tbh schillings is nuclear level lol

also yeah everyone hates you trind, even Curt Schilling, he said that.

Inkongudunk 119 days ago
His political views don't change him throwing that heat, bruh. You can't be like, well, you said some crazy stuff on a podcast 20 years after you retired so, you're whole career is memory holed

yeah, i mean if you went back through the history of baseball and down the line picked apart great players for some shit like he did, you'd have no hall of fame lol

_d0thack_ 119 days ago
Yeah it's not like Lenny Dykstra

Inkongudunk 119 days ago
Like, I'm sure Ricky Henderson said some shit back in the day

_d0thack_ 119 days ago
Is he even in the HOF?

(thats not wholly true as there have been plenty of completely vanilla or truly great human beings who are in the hall of fame, but youre talking a 40-50% hit if you go back and judge all by the standards Schillings getting)***

evil_hero 119 days ago

Inkongudunk 119 days ago
Bonds, he should be in for his work on the pirates with Bonilla. That's HoF right there.

Barbara 119 days ago
Remember when he bought that game company