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every time i die

easyhateoven 120 days ago
i'm glad keith had a chance to be on the vanflip podcast before causing his band to break up. what a guy.

carveyournamein 120 days ago

lurkcity 120 days ago

^^^couldn't've gotten those crooosh notes on grooming without it!

simon_belmont 120 days ago
Who was on what?

lurkcity 120 days ago
all jokes aside, that was a big highlight early on. ive set my sights on chino and freddy d. https://imgur.com/a/svFeytk

easyhateoven 119 days ago
what part was your favorite? the one about child porn?

VodkaVeins 119 days ago
How tall are you, Lurk?

5'2 in nike booster shoes

VodkaVeins 119 days ago
Lookin' like a whole lotta 5'7" in that pic

is that keith buckley? when i played random trivia with him in 2003 he was at least 2 inches shorter than me and i hadnt stopped growing yet at that point lol.

Barbara 119 days ago
I was trying to see how tall buckley was but all I saw on his wiki's Personal Life section : Buckley also has a tattoo of Spock's head on a lawn chair, day dreaming about what he (Spock) would look like with a moustache. Spock has a tear coming out of his eye because he cannot grow a moustache.[14] Keith recently revealed he doesn't have a neck tattoo, but he would like to get it done this month.[15] what the f*ck??

why yall dont believe me that this mf'er is an infiltration agent from the forest moon of endor is beyond me.

Barbara 119 days ago
"I have 2 nintendo ds and I've saving for a third but I only have $12"

keith buckley is like 5'9/5'11 if i remember correctly