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vodkaveins vs EJ/EJs gimmicks

evil_hero 123 days ago
this is my favorite subplot on the board. i picture detective vodkaveins in dim light, with lines of code running past at blazing speeds on the screen in front of him. bloodshot eyes as he takes a drag off his cigarette "the IPs match..." he says

dayman 123 days ago
he REALLY doesnt like ej

evil_hero 123 days ago
lol. who can blame him

Barbara 123 days ago
It's started to bleed over into real life and now instead of answering 'I'm gay' to everything it's 'shut the f*ck up Ej'

_d0thack_ 123 days ago

simon_belmont 123 days ago
I don't get any of this.

evil_hero 123 days ago
maybe you're EJ

simon_belmont 123 days ago
I suppose it's possible.

VodkaVeins 123 days ago
Just post as ej, bud. Quit tryin' to run from Barstool Billy. Its all good baby babay...

butlerianjihad 123 days ago
EJ failed at some awful gimmick and is now just a pathetic shamed loser. Lurkcity posts and gets an avalanche of shit. Trind still exists Weebl Webby please DWEP these turds and throw in kort while you're at it

VodkaVeins 123 days ago
I gotta go get cigarettes...

kort lives in a donkey trailer

simon_belmont 123 days ago
Wait was EJ a poster? Why do I have no recollection of that?

EJ was 6 when Trind got deleted the first time.

VodkaVeins 123 days ago
Yeah, "ej" was a poster. A halfway decent dude, too. But, he tried to pull a gimmick and exposed himself in the debut thread like a jackass. It was lol. Since then he's had a string of other usernames he thinks he can pass off and the dude just does not abide. He's welcome here by me as ej. But until he comes back as ej its stfucity