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Moontooth - Chromaparagon

lurkcity 122 days ago
Good album

Godfreyjones 122 days ago
This band sucks ass so it's not surprising you like it

BULLHEAD 122 days ago
definitely not something i'm familiar with

simon_belmont 122 days ago
Ever heard Moondog? Either the composer guy or the band Walter Schreiffels did before Quicksand. I'll accept either one.

evil_hero 122 days ago
youre a f*cking douchebag lurk

lurkcity 121 days ago
Godfreyjones 12 hours ago This band sucks ass wrong

Barbara 121 days ago
Looked it up. It's Moon Tooth. It's also really, really bad.

Barbara 121 days ago
Lmao the f*cking vocals

Barbara 121 days ago
You owe me 15 push-ups for wasting everyone's time.

Godfreyjones 121 days ago
Yeah the vocals are laughable. Up there with Volbeat for most obnoxious in Metal

simon_belmont 121 days ago
Here, you losers https://youtu.be/jSimbyS_YlA

lurkcity 121 days ago
you all also hate limp bizkit so i understand that you all can not "get it"

Godfreyjones 121 days ago
Is Moondog related to Sun Ra?

simon_belmont 121 days ago
No he was a Viking not an alien

_steelpanda_ 121 days ago
Them vocals are something, I do like the band Slugdge like a lot, it suggested so I'm listening to that instead.