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okay webby, that tears it

withdeadhandsrising 123 days ago
i don't know how you gathered my personal info and now you're making fun of me? i hope you can buy a lawyer with used metalcore detritus, punk https://ibb.co/VHxGbWH

evil_hero 123 days ago
my prostates like a microwaved grapefruit just bursting at the seams

carveyournamein 123 days ago
He's a son of a bitch.

withdeadhandsrising 122 days ago
i didn't even notice the ad below pro_rear_discharge_deck is also my name

i just keep getting ads for bacon and nike. tf

skinsuit 122 days ago
Go watch the Jurassic Park trilogy again, you dumb f*ck.

withdeadhandsrising 122 days ago
withdeadhandsrising 137 days ago trind got tricked into watching jurassic park because someone told him it was a movie about predators stalking children on an island and he thought it was about his hero epstein


withdeadhandsrising 122 days ago
trind watches the "that is one big pile of shit" scene and gets upset because 1) that's mostly how he's addressed in public and 2) he gets enraged any time he sees an animal has shit outside because he doesn't understand why he's forced to wear a diaper


VodkaVeins 122 days ago
Trind is the "six the turkey" kid with the stupid oversized shorts from the beginning.

VodkaVeins 122 days ago
"six foot turkey"

every piece of clothing he owns made for adults is oversized. you know how hard it is to find a moomoo in tween size with the muscle dilapidation of a 45 year old virgin?

withdeadhandsrising 122 days ago
trind's mother told him people get snatched off the toilet by a t-rex all the time to make him feel better about the diaper situation but it's because, much like the dinosaurs' closest relative the bird, trind has a cloacae instead of an anus and cannot control when he shits.