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Sucking cock in hell

_d0thack_ 159 days ago
Actually it is because I'm quite in touch with my feelings and I really don't give a shit if you die. But if you want to a live a life and live it better..take my advice or shut the f*ck up about it.

skinsuit 159 days ago
You should have f*cking kicked the bucket in the hospital the other day, Stephaggot You looked like a little bitch lying there with that thingamajig on your weak ass finger lol

shut up joke bag

_d0thack_ 159 days ago
I was a weak little bitch that day but it wasn't due to my mental health. I actually do things about that, ya know?

withdeadhandsrising 159 days ago
even the two people here who humored (re: not liked) you jumped ship recently, trind and it's all because you're a wholly unpleasant person you no bullies no elite group of lamb-bros shunning you for no good reason just purposeful exclusion because you're a deplorable bag of shit

VodkaVeins 159 days ago
withdeadhandsrising 1 hour ago hey you know what i usually do when im feeling down and sad? i go to a place where everyone f*cking hates me and no one wants me there, that's always a great call. Its like Cheers and Trind is Lilith.