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things you enjoy that are generally accepted as unenjoyable

BULLHEAD 161 days ago
it provides a big shock to your system which i can only assume is good for you. i'm so healthy

yeah it tastes good

BULLHEAD 161 days ago
i love all fermented foods

ok well im not gonna go that far but fair enough

BULLHEAD 161 days ago
i'll make my own pickled jalapenos and keep in the fridge and snack on those. i don't know if that's generally accepted as unenjoyable or not. i haven't done that in a while, gotta start again

Barbara 161 days ago
Jalapeños are pretty f*cking wild dude you need to slow down

we got a wildman over here

BULLHEAD 161 days ago
well that guy on the other page was amazed by vinegar so i don't know what people think

BULLHEAD 161 days ago
one thing i DON'T enjoy is super ridiculous spicy hot foods or sauces. it's too much

BULLHEAD 161 days ago
i bought this blueberry hot sauce just yesterday and i'm worried it's gonna be too hot. but the blueberry part intrigued me

skinsuit 161 days ago
Get f*cking run over, fitthuve.

i used to enjoy when single cell organisms figured out how to post online, until 2006.

ShaolinLambKiller 161 days ago
Things and stuff