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things you enjoy that are generally accepted as unenjoyable

Pilgrim 158 days ago
The brain freeze/burn after shotgunning a beer

butlerianjihad 158 days ago
I never enjoyed shotgunning beers. I've tried with PBR, high life and natty...I can't handle the bubbles. I'll take 2 shots of garbo booze while you do your little trick and we're about even

i literally can't shotgun a beer, im too weak to not have it spew back out like a reverse liquid bread firehydrant

timelordtwo 158 days ago
Staring at the ceiling

butlerianjihad 158 days ago
I'm a social beer drinker because I drink homo beers so it's not a chug fest with double IPAs But I'll slam a Margarita at Dave and Busters and beat you at any Street Fighter ever made

BULLHEAD 158 days ago
i like taking shots of apple cider vinegar

Portslob 158 days ago
Some female standup comedy

butlerianjihad 158 days ago
How dare you

BULLHEAD 158 days ago
maria bamfords not too bad. or maybe she is

skinsuit 158 days ago
Death to all of you.

theocean 158 days ago
adrienne iapalucci and ms pat are two of the best current stand up comedians man

timelordtwo 158 days ago
I think Bull is lying

timelordtwo 158 days ago
Apple cider vinegar??

i like sipping on that idk

BULLHEAD 158 days ago
it's not that uncommon