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carveyournamein 124 days ago
When does he start to get dead?

Godfreyjones 124 days ago
You think he had something to do with the disappearance of Gabby Potato?

careful he might gently headbutt you

BULLHEAD 124 days ago
he's a personal hero of mine

simon_belmont 124 days ago
Guys be nice. I think he's been having a hard time ever since webby canceled the podcast


evil_hero 124 days ago
his try-hard comments about steelpanda pissed me off in a way that i usually dont let this board get to me like that. and im a f*ckin grudge holder who will swing on a dude at a show. so f*ck you lurk, get at me....

he throws heaters. by that i mean he microwaves four hot pockets in his microwave at once.

simon_belmont 124 days ago
What did he say about panda? Don't think I saw that

panda made that thread about things going bad and lurkcity made one of his "haha im a cool guy haha u suck" jokes but at the complete wrong time and he deserves irl heat for it.

dayman 124 days ago
someone should hit him on the mouth, maybe straighten up those chompers

evil_hero 124 days ago
it was minor, belmont. he said something like "haha u failed" when panda was pouring his heart out. and you know, i get it. panda risked a lot bringing his personal issues to lambgoat. but in general i feel like we all can tell the difference between someone being dramatic, and someone having a legitimate crisis. so f*ck lurk

simon_belmont 124 days ago
Yeah that's tough. I mean I definitely have dot shit when he may or may not have had a real or fake breakdown

BULLHEAD 124 days ago
slk was meaner

simon_belmont 124 days ago