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the stock market crash of Jan 2022

kort 117 days ago
it's happening

VodkaVeins 117 days ago
Nah, not til next month

shitinyourhand 117 days ago
You mean it didn't already crash over the last few months? My portfolio is DOG SHIT right now

Portslob 117 days ago

you're talking about a pretty fragile ecosystem when you get the new "for fun" traders that have popped up over the last 5-10 years with the development of apps and platforms. i mean, obv it's not 1920's and there's enough population education, hopefully, but mad mf'ers invest because of memes about shit lol. im sure theres also other reasons like freight slow downs and all that idk, fugg it hehehe eat eggs boi

evil_hero 117 days ago
amber is watching his AMC gainz wash away like turds down the shower drain

i watched two documentaries on the great market crash, it wasn't the only cause or necessarily even 50% but a good portion of the crash was amateur investors lol. like, the f*cking spanish influenza was right around then too. all we need is some dumb ass politician to get shot in the balkans or maybe like along the Pakistan/India/Chinese border and we're back at square 1 lol

webmaster 117 days ago
i converted my entire portfolio into NFTs last November

would a high altitude EMP detonation basically null and void NFT's?

well, a few... i'm investing in greek coins.

look im not trying to be all gloom and doom, but if a war happens and a few war heads get detonated, on top of the whole nuclear winter, i think an EMP detonation of that caliber would f*ck some electronic based shit up wouldn't it? this is why we need, all nations and even individuals, to focus on developing kinetic energy weapons that fire from satellites in outerspace, like god intended.

Inkongudunk 117 days ago
Lol, converting to NFTs. etherium is in a free fall. All those "million dollar" NFTs are now "thousand dollar" NFTs

Barbara 117 days ago
webmaster converted all of shat's posts to NFTs and no one said shit

ShaolinLambKiller 117 days ago
Sucks to suck

kort 117 days ago
i converted my portfolio into a bespoke financial instrument tracking the popularity of nestle quick