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Idea for a newer band

3 spotify dj's with their finest dad bod's, wearing Nike comfort gear, hitting play on their playlists each on the sequential down beat on a 9/8ths time count.

ShaolinLambKiller 116 days ago
so lurk and 2 guys he would pay to hangout with him?

no, he doesn't know what 9/8ths d-beat is. they gotta be a little bit better and have 2 guns each. i didn't make the rules.

evil_hero 116 days ago
i call 4ths on passed out chicks' leftover pizza

ShaolinLambKiller 116 days ago
i figured the other 2 guys he paid would know and help his retarded ass out.

i understand but a triangle needs to have three sharp edges, not two and a flat jimmy carey looking tip on the third. thats just not math.

jesus christ lol, drew carey. sorry im listening to and watching a historical document and not really paying attention to what im posting. Drew Carey Tipped Triangle. that.

sacrifice me to hot dog muhammed

ShaolinLambKiller 116 days ago
allah accept this!