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missed opportunities that can never happen, ever again

Meatloaf should've formed a tag team with Butterbean. They could've been called Dinner.

carveyournamein 126 days ago

carveyournamein 126 days ago
It can still happen.

Meatloaf died.

carveyournamein 126 days ago

they're gonna be a tag team in heaven, where's Zordon to tell us about heaven and the pro wrestling they have htere?

Portslob 126 days ago
Butterbean is dead too

no, youre thinking of Portslob

They had Butterbean on the Dark Side of the Ring episode about that moronic Brawl for All WWF did years ago. Butterbean was basically like "they were dumb as shit and let me just tee off on Bart Gunns head like he was a training dumby, idiots, hey look at my restaurant want some grits y'all?"

evil_hero 126 days ago

I don't think you realize how awesome Dinner could've been. It'd be Butterbean just beating the f*cking shit out of some guy in the corner while Meatloaf sings paradise by the dashboard light and butterbean occasionally screams the parts of Ellen Foley. They could feud with Breakfast. or The Midnight Snack Express. Someone really f*cking dropped the ball on this.

Breakfast would be Vin Diesel because he looks like an egg and John Cena because he has a pancake ass.

Portslob 126 days ago
Vin diesel and John cena bothe died too

That is true. Someone post that in the News For Bull thread please.

ShaolinLambKiller 126 days ago
aren't they both dead now?