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Louie Anderson died

Godfreyjones 117 days ago

Did anyone tell Arn? Also riP

theocean 117 days ago
rip man i want to watch baskets again

evil_hero 117 days ago
f*cking RIP another fat legend. first meatloaf now louie. watch yo back george rr martin

did anyone check on butterbean?

theocean 117 days ago
artie lange is gonna turn out to be our generation's keith richards?

shitinyourhand 117 days ago
yeah there's def gonna be a 3rd fat person that dies in the next couple days.. always happens

Godfreyjones 117 days ago
Madden was a big boy right?

madden played the football though, he had to be

shitinyourhand 117 days ago
Yeah could be.. that was a bunch of weeks ago though

hes already in the ground, i need my dad fat guys in freshly gone trios. like a morbid, wheezing, rush.

Portslob 117 days ago
John Goodman is next

theocean 117 days ago
john goodman stopped drinking a long time ago and is as skinny as a rail now

its gonna be joe rogan