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After 20 years, my user name finally checks out

EveryTimeHeDies 159 days ago
ETID is f*cking dead

simon_belmont 159 days ago
Time for you to check out

evil_hero 159 days ago
you got almost a year still before 20. trust me. im like the lambgoat birthday GUY, man

EveryTimeHeDies 159 days ago
ah yeah, I didn't check my birthday that closely

i wonder if the profile for pedro_lopez which was my first username exists?

carveyournamein 159 days ago
I thought john_doe was the first profile.

evil_hero 159 days ago
in your heart and mind it can be. i forget what my first username was that got roasted into infinity.

i made john doe lol one time saying he needed to get another baby in the baby pen he posted a pic of because it looked like a baby octagon.

jesus that had to have been 2004 when he had the baby? this is all someones fault... where's webmaster?

remember when nilorthenile posted here? and the whole martin family gimmick thing? like Martin Martin?

Son of a bitch.

evil_hero 159 days ago

evil_hero 159 days ago
i remember nilor. wish hed come back. weird ass mf

dayman 159 days ago
nil started getting roasted a bit and bounced

evil_hero 159 days ago
thin skinned lil poosboi