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scissors7 125 days ago

scissors7 125 days ago
Today/Tonight - WFH, buy some ice fishing stuff, twins, wife working Saturday - Kids Gymnastics, wife working, twins Sunday - Kids Ski Lessons, wife working, twins

_d0thack_ 125 days ago
Today - work, bulls game, smoke/game Sat - up early, morning jog, clean up house, smoke/movie day Sun - up early, bathe dogs, record store, brunch with coworker, bulls game, smoke/game

Godfreyjones 125 days ago
Fri - WFH, haircut, beer Sat - Finish hanging slab doors, touch up paint, grocery shop, movie night, football Sun - BIG breakfast, watch my kids travel basketball team lose another game, football, beer

foulmouth 125 days ago
stuff and things

carveyournamein 125 days ago
Bustin' nuts.

getting trapped in a small town, covering a ground hog, stuck in a reoccurring reality, at least for the weekend imho

evil_hero 125 days ago
gettin an alignment on my truck tomorrow. and a haircut. for me not the truck

evil_hero 125 days ago
i might smoke a bit of weed. who can really say

go big or go home, get your truck that haircut

evil_hero 125 days ago
its growing it out right now. it wants a mullet

*laughs while mired in the changing times...* your truck... my bull... ha

timelordtwo 124 days ago
crusader kings 3 and hang out with the fam probably lift a lot and jam some corny shit

Portslob 124 days ago
Punching walls until I die

scissors7 124 days ago
bump for late risers.