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carveyournamein 125 days ago
Band sucks.

simon_belmont 125 days ago
Shats dad liked them

simon_belmont 125 days ago
That's all I know about that band

BULLHEAD 125 days ago
Shat linked some songs and they were real crappy

evil_hero 125 days ago

BULLHEAD 124 days ago
I like some cheesy metal and power metal too but it was too bad even for me

Godfreyjones 124 days ago
I was seeing ads on fb for them and the dude looks like the stereotypical mid 2000s douche.

Pilgrim 124 days ago
Never heard of this band but isn't a sabaton a shoe? Stupid thing to call your band

Pilgrim 124 days ago
Ya nvm it's a pointy shiny boot that "knights" wore

timelordtwo 124 days ago
fun jams to lift to