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shit the bed RIP

Pilgrim 125 days ago
"RIP"? Rest in poo

butlerianjihad 125 days ago
I would spew any stink for love, but I won't prolapse

BULLHEAD 125 days ago
That's sad. It's gonna be a rough day

evil_hero 125 days ago
f*ck. that dude was awesome

_d0thack_ 125 days ago
He had incredible vocal range and delivery. Rip.

rick_tocchet 125 days ago
Suprized the dude made it this far. He looked obese with hypertension 30 years ago. He could f*cking sing though.

evil_hero 125 days ago
i bet he took big gnarly shits. respect

BULLHEAD 125 days ago
I like that he called himself Meatloaf. It's a funny name to have

willy_wanker 125 days ago
his name is robert paulson

theocean 125 days ago
just a few months after jim steinman rip man