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Television Shows

So Yellowjackets, what the hell is that about?

some ole buzzy boys. you should watch Peaky Blinders and tell me if it's worth watching, i'm busy watching all the movies with Mark Wahlberg and The Rock.

jimbo 161 days ago
Ozark season 4 is fun to watch if already caught up

Zordon 161 days ago
have you heard of the simpsons? thats a pretty good show

I made it through about 1 season of peaky blinders. It was entertaining, but I didn't feel like I cared enough to keep watching it and find out what happens to the characters.

How many seasons is Mr Robot? The only shows I'm really watching right now are Archive 81, and I'm watching Trailer Park Boys and a Gathering of Witches with the lady, so I can fit some more shows in my life right now.

lurkcity 161 days ago
Tv is gay.

4, unless I missed something after idk like 2019 or so

BULLHEAD 161 days ago
i can't get into any shows

thats because you keep trying to get a big role, you gotta start out as an extra

BULLHEAD 161 days ago
what is your 5 year plan to save the scene?

wrong thread

BULLHEAD 161 days ago
wrong threead but i'll stick with it

imagine if you had to wild west duel me, boy, you'd be kissing daisies.

I will probably try and watch some good shows and post about them on the internet and that might revive the scene. Maybe I'll tape record them and upload them to online so people don't have to pay to stream them.