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Television Shows

Are there any good television shows on that I've missed out on? I am just now watching True Detective. I really enjoyed the first two seasons, but the third season isn't as good. I'd like to be entertained.

Amber 165 days ago
Mr Robot

theocean 165 days ago
the west wing

I wasn't a fan of the West Wing. One of my friends tried to get me into it, but it just didn't click for me. Was Mr. Robot worth watching? I've heard some people say good things, but never gave it a chance.

AnalButt 164 days ago
Season 1 of True Detective was so good. And Alexandra Daddario getting naked was greatness. Have you watched Mindhunter?

Portslob 164 days ago
Just finished Yellowjackets. I like it, f*cked up twist at the end sets up for season 2 Yellowstone is cool too. Daredevil Hawkeye Macgruber Those are like the last few I watched

Portslob 164 days ago
Mindhunter is backed too

_d0thack_ 164 days ago
Mindhunter is fantasic. Ozark is worth checking out as well.

_d0thack_ 164 days ago
Shout out to Dark as well.

rick_tocchet 164 days ago
Home Improvemnent Family Matters Cosby Show

evil_hero 164 days ago
AnalButt 6 hours ago Season 1 of True Detective was so good. And Alexandra Daddario getting naked was greatness.

Godfreyjones 164 days ago
Archive 81 on Netflix is great.

Barbara 164 days ago

I liked Mindhunter. I wish they would make a new season. I'm also all caught up with ozark, but need to watch the new episodes. Might give Yellowstone and Yellowjackets a shot? I've heard some positive things. I liked Dark but I need to re-watch it because I binge watched the whole first season on edibles and it was cool but I didn't really take it in. I started Archive 81 last night, and so far it's cool. Lots of interesting references to older movies like solaris, shining, etc. I'm waiting for that new Michael Mann shit to come out. Tokyo Vice. There were bits and pieces of Manhunter that remined me a bit of Michael Mann and it made me really want something new and good out of him.

mr robot is worth watching