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Put a used diaper on your head and huff the insides

carveyournamein 118 days ago
Now you know what living ed_money's life is like.

Baby diaper, adult diaper, or one of those sexy diapers that they make for those f*cked up infantile fetish people?

carveyournamein 118 days ago
I can't remember.

It's cool.

_steelpanda_ 118 days ago
Hahahahahaha god damn that's gross as shit

carveyournamein 118 days ago

this is indeed what living life as ed_money is like

evil_hero 117 days ago
hahaha. wheres ed these days

Portslob 117 days ago
Lol, should I get kicked in the crotch while I do it?

carveyournamein 117 days ago
Lol yeah if you want to know how ed_money's children live.


c'mon y'all, ed_money ain't even here to defend himself by blaming the jews or black people.

Barbara 117 days ago
ed_money only exists as an NFT now, ed_crypto

carveyournamein 117 days ago
I believe it.