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"I'm just egging you on"

skinsuit 125 days ago
Lie of the century. If you actually believe that, you're delusional.

skinsuit 125 days ago
I'll f*cking throw eggs at you, you balding cumbucket.

skinsuit 125 days ago
Must have felt great being bukkaked by the Guatemalan ditch diggers, huh??

skinsuit 124 days ago
The filthy f*cking balding liar Brendan Masi continues to spam the board when I'm not here. Certified dickhuffery.

dayman 124 days ago
go back to bed, tinychimp

withdeadhandsrising 124 days ago
who are you even talking to, stupid?


Inkongudunk 124 days ago

skinsuit 124 days ago
Balding Masi, digging a ditch to die in.

he saw lurkcity was getting attention and is having NONE of that!

Inkongudunk 124 days ago
It's weird. Trind is balding. Calls you balding He even tried calling me 4 eyes once, because he wears glasses. It's very, very strange Almost as if he was.....retarded

isn't this text book projection? i mean, well, and some just god awful attempts at jokes.

Inkongudunk 124 days ago
Ahhhhh ahahahah trind just completely owned himself without knowing His whole premise is that he antagonize Xander and gets him to respond and post a bunch and he is so mad blah blah blah Then here he admits Xander posts at that volume about essentially *any*topic*ever* Therefore negating his previous claim and casting himself off into a sea of butthurt irrelevance Ahhhhahaha I love how f*ckin dumb this old retard is

trind no wonder your book was printed 2,100 times and sold 4.

_d0thack_ 124 days ago
Goddamn dude. Get a f*cking life. Jesus Christ.