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evil_hero 125 days ago
dude all these wack ass unfunny threads are seriously making me reconsider my trip. and i was even going to let you smell my dick after each of the swedish 10s i plan to smash

skinsuit 125 days ago
That's courteous.

evil_hero 125 days ago
well its not gonna happen now. im gonna let bullhead smell it instead

skinsuit 125 days ago
I'm sure he'll be ecstatic.

skinsuit 125 days ago
So you wouldn't wash the dick between the poundings?

VodkaVeins 125 days ago
Trind cant even pull them dirty foot bitches... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyR-FYwUpGg

trind, seriously, why don't you stop using this site for a month or two and meet some people irl to try and find some friends. ffs.

skinsuit 125 days ago
You crying yet?

no, your attempts to troll are the weakest thing i've ever seen.

skinsuit 125 days ago
You're bawling like a little bitch. Go on, go get one of the razors in your bathroom cabinet. I'll wait.

This is why I probably will e-mail your publisher, cover art and blog upkeep people. I said I would to Spork but that was simply so the mother f*cker got the message early and lambgoat didn't get another version of you. You need to learn a lesson.

16 years of being an unfunny, impotent, moron and you could change it all by logging out and going outside. just think about that, if you can fit it in between the snuff films and obsessions with men

skinsuit 125 days ago
Come on, f*cker, stop TALKING ALREADY. Do it or don't do it, but SHUT THE f*ck UP for the love of f*ck'S SAKE!

ShaolinLambKiller 125 days ago
f*cking cleftlipped pedophile lol

trind, i'll be alive and well long after you actually take your own life because no one can live as pathetically as you have for so long and survive like that. if you want to know something honest, and sad, that i've been avoiding saying.