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Xander's receding hairline

skinsuit 126 days ago
lol Did they take that as haute couture down in Guatemala, bitch boi?

remember when stpararenex sent your posts to your job and you got fired?

skinsuit 126 days ago
skinsuit 17 seconds ago Remember when that never happened?

withdeadhandsrising 126 days ago
trind memorizes what other males on the internet look like seems kinda fruity

trind has no life and creates a false reality in his bulbous toothless head

skinsuit 126 days ago
He posted a photo of him holding up a couple of bills and it was plain to see.

skinsuit 126 days ago
Didn't know you were a homophobe, Jeffie.

skinsuit 126 days ago

skinsuit 126 days ago

skinsuit 126 days ago

VodkaVeins 126 days ago
This has to be projection. Xander has a fuller head of hair than most dudes his age.

actually its not plain to see in that photo, the only sign noticeable was a picture in the snow where the_ocean pointed it out. anyways you look like shit and are a f*cking lush who has major mental issues. lol. fat f*cking ugly pedo

its the same thing as the tie shit. he's got nothing but grasping at straws.

Inkongudunk 126 days ago
This is why trind can't maintain relationships. His brain is f*cked like this in real life.

skinsuit 126 days ago
Thanks for reminding me of your worst foe, your tie.