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dating app for people who take really big shits

jimbo 161 days ago
wipe right is already a dead market, swipe up or down is the question for connection

withdeadhandsrising 161 days ago
we met at a turnstile show at solidified our future by dropping solids in the pit

My profile picture will be a photo of me sitting on the toilet hungover dropping at the enormous log while looking up at the camera and throwing a peace sign. The tagline will read, "we ain't hatin' we just anus dilatin' ✌️"

Dream girl would have profile pic of her in the ac slater position, head turned back, back arched, bowels loosened.

"we ain't trippin', we diarrhea dripping 💦✌️😎"


_steelpanda_ 161 days ago
I was f*cking my laughing ass off all through this.

First conversation with someone you met on this app: "I took a shit yesterday, it wasn't my biggest, honestly I didn't really like it" "Oh that's awful, I'm sorry hopefully the next one is really huge"

dog_boner 161 days ago
"We met on OKPoopin"

butlerianjihad 161 days ago

evil_hero 160 days ago
explosions_in_this_guy 7 hours ago "we ain't trippin', we diarrhea dripping 💦✌️😎" lol