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dating app for people who take really big shits

nothinlefttogive 166 days ago
carveyournamein 6 minutes ago That's already the name of something. Not after I make them relinquish their trademark with intimidation and acts of violence 😎

Zordon 166 days ago
butlerianjihad 5 minutes ago toiLETS CHAT LOL

Godfreyjones 166 days ago

Godfreyjones 166 days ago
Or Turtle Head Dating

VodkaVeins 166 days ago

lake_flaccid 166 days ago

evil_hero 166 days ago
nothinlefttogive 51 minutes ago LogRhythm™ *slow clap building to crescendo*

evil_hero 166 days ago
is Coilr taken. i want a date where we lace down competing bowl snakes

rick_tocchet 166 days ago

evil_hero 165 days ago
did anyone say PLOPPR

carveyournamein 165 days ago
How about Pootube?

evil_hero 165 days ago
turtle head dating is growing on me

withdeadhandsrising 165 days ago
Logjam *enables "push" notifications*


Portslob 165 days ago
Bidates Although that could be something else