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Idea for a new band

Godfreyjones 117 days ago
Fit For An Awwtopsy And it's just a bunch of deathcore with cute animals doing the vocals.

carveyournamein 117 days ago
carveyournamein 19 minutes ago I've got a pickle business for sale if anyone is interested.

Godfreyjones 117 days ago
I'm interested. Can they be hardcore and metal band themed pickles?

BULLHEAD 117 days ago
why wouldn't you just use the band Autopsy for this?

BULLHEAD 117 days ago
that's what i want to know

dayman 117 days ago
i got a pickle for you, cockboy

Godfreyjones 117 days ago
I didn't use autopsy the band because I have no clue who the f*ck that is and fit for an autopsy was on liquid metal as I wrote that.

BULLHEAD 117 days ago
i think you should listen to Autopsy - Mental Funeral, if you feel like it

ShaolinLambKiller 117 days ago
there's already a bunch of garbage bands like that.

skinsuit 117 days ago
Thy Art Is Murder > Or Thy Aaawrt Is Murder

Inkongudunk 117 days ago
That doesn't fit. Bad attempt at a joke. Learn words

boredtodeath 116 days ago
I think Sanrio tried this.

ShaolinLambKiller 116 days ago
try throwing your entire head into the garbage.