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So begins the dawn of my invincibility

say I won't. https://ibb.co/HDSvd76

theocean 127 days ago
i get that nitro cold brew sometimes it is tasty man

yeah i figure i'm gonna start there. hit a big day working today finishing before noon and basically securing finances for a month in 5 hours work, so I'm gonna get STINKIN DROONK

skinsuit 127 days ago
Shut the f*ck up, cockf*ck.

simon_belmont 127 days ago
The Foreign Extra is my favorite Guinness. It's like the imperial version.

skinsuit 127 days ago
Nobody gives a f*ck.

AnalButt 127 days ago
Love Guinness and the loud, billowy farts it brings me

I get the guinness farts too lol they smell sweet though if you don't eat a bunch of salty meats imho? also yeah The Foreign extra, (yellow label right?) that shit is pretty darn good.

im gonna watch the Brendan Gleeson cop movie with his son that his other son directed.

skinsuit 127 days ago
You should kill your faqqot self.

VodkaVeins 127 days ago
I haven't had a Guinness in a long time.

lol at trind getting triggered over a picture of beer

VodkaVeins 127 days ago
Its the weed that enraged him

BULLHEAD 127 days ago
I'd rather get an IPA

dayman 127 days ago
get waste 450