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Keith Buckley if u read this board

Let me spit in your mouth

BULLHEAD 127 days ago
Is this band way more famous than I realized or something? It said on CNN they broke up.

BULLHEAD 127 days ago
They're not very good

evil_hero 127 days ago
"i SeNsE RaDiCaL gAiNiNg ImPoRtAnCe" jfc man shut the f*ck up

VodkaVeins 127 days ago
lol @ CNN reporting it

BULLHEAD 127 days ago
I don't read f*cking CNN, I just happened to see it

evil_hero 127 days ago
bull exposed as brian stelter

CALUHFORNEAUH 127 days ago
$10 this is a publicity stunt and they'll be back together this summer when Keith's "mental issues" have resolved.

wwjd 127 days ago
Didn't you read webmasters post They are "prolific"

ShaolinLambKiller 127 days ago

simon_belmont 127 days ago
Having personal and business drama play out on Twitter is pretty hardcore. I bet the parents of those brothers are stoked.

pastaman 127 days ago
i thought he was joking lol https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/18/entertainment/every-time-die-band-split/index.html

BULLHEAD 127 days ago
I don't joke around