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Remember that one time at band camp

skinsuit 129 days ago
when I sucked you dick for a tenner, but didn't have cash, so you said you accepted card and PP as well?

Inkongudunk 129 days ago
So... you pay people to suck their dick?

_d0thack_ 129 days ago

skinsuit 129 days ago
I blew that trumpet alright.

withdeadhandsrising 129 days ago

Barbara 129 days ago
suckin dick for dick suckin money is somehow less gay than powermetal

trind, gtfo and go write a book report.

withdeadhandsrising 129 days ago
trind, a fan of: -the american pie movies -jeff dunham -racism -urge denial based homophobia -trump you literally are a facsimile of american trailer trash but somehow from sweden i bet you like larry the cable guy too

and this mother f*cker acts like being called "Stinky" isn't appropriate to him.

withdeadhandsrising 129 days ago
trind watches the walking dead and has a "if darryl dies we riot" shirt

evil_hero 129 days ago
suckin dick for dick suckin money. lmao

trind just sits there and stares at the f*cking tv like the stupid angry hard boiled egg he is, occasionally laughing hysterically at the dramatic moments and crying during the comedy spots.

one time trind was watching a movie and the male and female characters had a love scene, he got so mad he swung on his teddy ruxpin but it tipped over after contact and fell on him-rendering him unconscious for 10 minutes, when he woke up there was a war scene on so he jerked off while gnashing his teeth and trying to whistle dixie.

Get_Some 129 days ago
Band camp is the best place for under age squirrel....you pedo.

VodkaVeins 129 days ago
withdeadhandsrising 44 minutes ago trind, a fan of: -the american pie movies Hey man, that first American Pie is fun.