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Shitney Smears - Poops!... I Did Them Again

skinsuit 128 days ago

carveyournamein 128 days ago
Not bad. How much time did you put into this?

VodkaVeins 128 days ago
Was posted in the Lisa Loaf thread...

simon_belmont 128 days ago
Trind workshopped it for a few weeks

skinsuit 128 days ago
carveyournamein 4 minutes ago Not bad. How much time did you put into this? 5-15 seconds

withdeadhandsrising 128 days ago
HOHOHO SEE LUMMGOATZ?? DE TRINDY MAKEN DE POOJOKE HOHOHO AM FREN TO YOU NOW HOHOHOHO hey trind, remember when you had a meltdown about poo threads and how immature they are and how everyone here is stupid and childish? but really you were lashing out over nobody wanting to engage with you? sad, transparent, pathetic, pandering, lonely bitch nerd

Inkongudunk 128 days ago
BULLHEAD 3 days ago britney smears - poops...i did it again Copied wholesale from another thread. Very sad.

simon_belmont 128 days ago

BULLHEAD 128 days ago
i don't think i posted that

carveyournamein 128 days ago
Shitney Smears - Gloops! ... I Shitted Again

easyhateoven 128 days ago

Inkongudunk 128 days ago
The internet never forgets, bull

Barbara 128 days ago
They had a full music video for this in 2002 on albinoblacksheep.