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driving while intoxicated

theocean 128 days ago

carveyournamein 128 days ago
It happens.

skinsuit 128 days ago

evil_hero 128 days ago
that chick cant sleep unless you bust

skinsuit 128 days ago
People who drive while intoxicated are scum

AnalButt 128 days ago
Says the goblin who is too stupid to pass a driving test

skinsuit 128 days ago
What has that got to do with anything?

carveyournamein 128 days ago
Why can't you pass a driving test?

skinsuit 128 days ago
I think it has to do with my attention span.

dayman 128 days ago
evil_hero 19 minutes ago that chick cant sleep unless you bust lololol

withdeadhandsrising 128 days ago
trind's brain is 80% lambgoat rape/revenge fantasies, 10% childlust, and the other 10% is a pickled herring fart that drifted up and got stuck there when trind slept on his back lol@trind throwing shade at anyone with drivers license

Trind's too weak to control a steering wheel, even with the power steering.

ShaolinLambKiller 128 days ago
last 2 comments are gold.

Yousuckkkk 128 days ago
There's times when driving drunk is easier than walking drunk

butlerianjihad 128 days ago
f*cking lol evilhero