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Gremlins 3

carveyournamein 255 days ago
Why didn't they make a third one of those movies?

a third Gremlins 3?

BULLHEAD 255 days ago
i recently watched both the Gremlins movies. they're fantastic

yeah but theres two gremlins 3.

and someone said we need a third

Portslob 255 days ago
It almost happened per IMDb

BULLHEAD 255 days ago
theres no f*cking gremlins III. you can't trick me

call the man

BULLHEAD 255 days ago
did you know they invented the PG-13 rating after Gremlins because so many parents complained?

withdeadhandsrising 255 days ago
there's a netflix animated series coming out or something it's not going to be good

Portslob 255 days ago
I never knew howie Mandel was the voice of gizmo. Makes sense . That's what Bobby sounded like in Bobby s world

easyhateoven 255 days ago
gremlins 311