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if eat i may so need poop the eat the

i poop need to the many eat i find the many i go far and the how come the toilet under the i see i go i then and i have if i may i if i the splosh water i am a how many i eat?

VodkaVeins 257 days ago
Shut the f*ck up, EJ.

at least EJ is using his irl vocabulary for this gimmick. side note I tried to read that outloud and i just had a f*cking stroke

withdeadhandsrising 257 days ago
this sucks and as the originator of refined_poop_eater…whoever is behind this, don't.

BULLHEAD 257 days ago
i don't get it

skinsuit 257 days ago

you're right but that's only because you know what absolute 0 is.