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Hanging around a show and smoking outside while in you're 40s

carveyournamein 2 days ago
Is this cool?

BULLHEAD 2 days ago
learn to type better dipshit

Barbara 2 days ago

easyhateoven 2 days ago

dayman 2 days ago
its fine i think

simon_belmont 2 days ago
It's not like you can smoke inside.

I've been practicing an Irish accent just so I can find Bull IRL and yell at him saying "DIS AINT NO FECKIN DEHMOHCRACIE, DIS IS A DICK TATER SHIP, IM DA DICK AN UR DA TATER". and then just disappear to smoke outside of a show for a while.

simon_belmont 2 days ago
I like to share a much needed clove with the singer after the show

BULLHEAD 2 days ago
I apologize to carve. I'm just bored

BULLHEAD 2 days ago
There's nothing to do

but get high and watch the tube

you gotta do a better job setting up the steve miller band jokes, bull.

Portslob 2 days ago