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Hanging around a show and smoking outside while in you're 40s

carveyournamein 255 days ago
Is this cool?

BULLHEAD 255 days ago
learn to type better dipshit

Barbara 255 days ago

easyhateoven 255 days ago

dayman 255 days ago
its fine i think

simon_belmont 255 days ago
It's not like you can smoke inside.

I've been practicing an Irish accent just so I can find Bull IRL and yell at him saying "DIS AINT NO FECKIN DEHMOHCRACIE, DIS IS A DICK TATER SHIP, IM DA DICK AN UR DA TATER". and then just disappear to smoke outside of a show for a while.

simon_belmont 255 days ago
I like to share a much needed clove with the singer after the show

BULLHEAD 255 days ago
I apologize to carve. I'm just bored

BULLHEAD 255 days ago
There's nothing to do

but get high and watch the tube

you gotta do a better job setting up the steve miller band jokes, bull.

Portslob 255 days ago