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What if you got amnesia while you were in a foreign country?

so you're just gonna grunt your way through border patrol?

what if your internal map is wrong and you end up walking into South Sudan?

and all you can do is grunt and use hand motions to get across your point?

you'd better learn to sign "cheeseburger" and "bald eagle" and do them so much it becomes muscle memory or people are gonna assume you're a dirty Latvian.

Portslob 321 days ago
HOUSE_OF_HORSEKONNEN 9 minutes ago so you're just gonna grunt your way through border patrol? There is no border patrol. Turned on the news in the last 8 months?

ok yeah go walk down to the border and just go gruntin right thru and gruntin right back, no papers, if you can i'll do your laundry for 2 years

Portslob 321 days ago

okay we'll talk about what i get if i win but later

evil_hero 321 days ago
kind of suspicious that amnesic people forget their name, memories of their past, etc but not stuff like driving laws, how to get around their city, how to read. idk about all that

i bet the second thing i will do is JCVD split nut punch someone on instinct; so i'm really hoping i get amnesia around bull. theres also the given that he'll keep telling me he thinks i have "mamnesia" so no one will know what the f*ck my problem is and I just keep punching nuts.

ok now i want mamnesia